Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Tidy Tuesday

Only not so much.
This doesn't look good...

The washing machine has developed a leak after
four loads of wash.

I hung the clothes up after a turn in the dryer to 
make sure they finished drying.

I'm emptying Kristine's closet so the new floor can be installed.

The heavy material holds on to moisture especially in the seams.
Hope the heat from the wood stove
will dry everything.

My big achievment today was setting the clock on the oven.

Doesn't look difficult but it took me some time 
without the directions.
I hate daylight savings time!

Tom was gone today taking Lucky to the vets.
The poor dog has an infected paw...they think.
So, he has meds and has to wear a collar.
Lucky...not Tom.

Hope I can do more laundry tomorrow.



Nancy said...

I see you managed today. I dislike leaks too. Wash machine well an me too lol! I love the smell of a woodburner. Power outage tonight so I get to try and set my stove clock and others ugh. Hope Lucky gets better soon. Dogs hate 'The Cone".

lisa said...

Our washer quit spinning and I had to have the repair man in twice for the same problem! It wasn't even a year old yet. I know how you feel. I didn't realize you were doing more renovations!

Hartwood Roses said...

I know this post is a month old, but I wanted to chime in to see if you figured out what part of your washer was leaking. We had a leak coming from under our front-loader. I took the front panel off to see what was leaking, and it turns out it wasn't the washer at all ... it was the drain. The front-loader uses less water than a top loader, but it discharges water faster and can overflow the washer's standpipe if your drain isn't a 2" pipe. I added an extra vent to my plumbing to help the water drain faster, and a washcloth around the opening of the standpipe to catch any little bit of water that tries to spill over. It's kept the water off the floor so far.