Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Rats! Out Of Chicken Feed

There is enough feed for today.
And there is a bag of chicken scratch in the coop.
But this is the last of the lay pellets in this old goat feeder.
The chickens don't mind the goat feeder
 and I like how it hooks on the door so the hens can't tip the feeder over
when they hop on the edges,

Notice how this Wyandotte is all by herself.
Well, that is because she chases the other hens away.
She is a little thing, but she is tough.

I gave up feeding the hens in the chicken pen
in the hanging feeders because the forest rats
figured out how to climb down the wire and eat the feed.

I lock up this feeder at night in a new metal 
garbage can with a tight lid.
The rats and other critters need to go find
something to eat somewhere else.

The wood rats look kinda like little squirrels.
If you would like to see a photo of a wood rat
that looks like the ones we have eating the chicken feed.
So cute!

I took a shiny ring off outside and hung it on a nail
in the greenhouse.
I think one of these little guys took it and added it 
to their stash.
Wish I could find the stash.
Maybe under the shed?

Still doing loads of laundry.

Change of plans.
We're not going to town today.


1 comment:

BadPenny said...

Oh the wood rats look sweet - not like the field rats we get here !
My hens liked porridge x