Monday, November 04, 2013

My 3 Profile Photos

I went back to my old profile photo

after I figured out how to crop it so I wasn't chopped in half.

My latest profile photo.
I am not much good at taking selfies.

This sunflower took the place of my first profile photo.
I put it on my YouTube page thinking that
my first profile photo would stay on the other pages.
I like this sunflower.
The first one that grew in the garden.

So I searched around and found this photo of me feeding chickens
which was my first profile photo.

But when I went to restore it the photo was cropped
almost in half so I used the selfie.

When Kristine is home for the holidays
maybe I can get her to take a better photo.

I think that white hen closest to me could be Pastey.
She is still here!

What I would like to do is use Hen Roo's photo!

I thought I would post these photos here so they would
be easy for me to find again.



BadPenny said...

A big difference in hair styles ! Gorgeous sunflower x

Barbee' said...

Really cute haircut!