Thursday, November 14, 2013

The New Flooring Is In The House!

Well, the flooring is in boxes but it is here!
Two egg veggie omelet for breakfast.
Since the arrival of the new floor cheered me up so much
I got busy and made myself a good breakfast
instead of cold cereal.
The chickens aren't laying eggs
but these store bought eggs are pretty good.
Pale but good.

23 boxes of flooring!
The floor installers may start laying floor on Monday
but since there is some painting to do
and removal of the loft railing
the actual putting the new flooring down
may not happen for a day or two.
I need to pick up a couple of light fixtures also.
I love it when stuff starts to happen
I have been years waiting for this floor.

The golden leaves turned to red?
I wish I could say the leaves turned red
but the red is reflection from the setting sun.
Still it all makes for a pretty picture.


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