Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Two Broken Dishes

If I could end up with one block a day I would be happy.

Today I managed to cut out and sew together
another broken dishes block.
Two more blocks with these two fabrics to go.

Kristine said that instead of Broken Dishes
Tortilla Chips would be a good name for this block
since the triangles look like blue corn and regular tortilla chips.
A Tortilla Chip quilt is a great idea!

But this quilt is going to be made from scrap fabrics
and will have many colors.
A real barrel of broken dishes!

More rain and cold weather is due this week.
The late afternoon sun light was lighting up the tops
of these tall trees.
I can't see any tiny green buds yet.

On my google searches for different ways to make
half square triangles
I found 10 different methods
and there was mention of at least 16.

The method that appeals to me is the one where two squares
of fabric right side together are sewn together
around all four edges with a 1/4 seam
and the the square is cut apart from corner to corner.

That method seems it would be the easiest for hand sewing.
Less marking up of seams and no marking of cut lines.
I'll have to try it out but first I need to
figure out the size square I need to start with
to end up with four 3 1/2" half square triangles.

Quilting is such an adventure!


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