Saturday, March 02, 2013

Catch Up!

Well, this is as caught up as I'm gonna get today,
which is really tomorrow already.

Here is Genevieve Rose with the little knitted rattle
that her Aunt Kristine sent from Australia,
which Genevieve lost at Disneyland.

But good news!
Disneyland found the rattle and mailed it home
Pretty neat!

Here is another photo of the kids on the porch.
So cute!

I'm working on a Broken Dishes quilt.
These are the first 16 blocks.
Now I need to sew them together.

I think I'm going to like making this quilt.
I have several other quilt tops to quilt.

Getting back into blogging again is going to take some effort.
Since it has been so cold I've been staying in the house
and not doing much.

Hope warmer weather will get me moving!



Tanya said...

How nice that you got the knitted rattle back. Disneyland is so good about things like that. Keep plugging away on the Broken Dishes Quilt!

Barbee' said...

Love it! When I was a child I heard of a woman named Genrose. Now upon seeing your little one's name, I'm wondering if Gen Rose's name was Genevieve Rose. I bet it was, and they shortened it to Gen Rose. Genevieve Rose is a beautiful name.

Anonymous said...

Love the look of that quilt! That seems like the perfect winter activity.