Monday, March 04, 2013

Stew And Broken Dishes

The stew was something of an experiment because
when I added flour to coat the stew meat it turned out that I had
dumped in oatmeal instead of flour
and when I reached for the four and poured that on top of the oatmeal and
 meat what I was adding was pancake and waffle mix.

I finally found the flour and added that to the mix
and found that the concoction tasted rather good.
(all the packages look the same)

When the stew was almost done
I added a bunch of chopped kale on top
and popped on the lid for about 6 minutes.
All in all it made for a good dinner.

The broken dishes blocks are coming along slowly.
I'm piecing them by hand and marking the fourth inch seams
takes up more time than the sewing.

But I've got one block sewn together
and four more in the works.

These blocks are made using 31" x 3 7/8" strips.
Next I'm going to try the 8" square method to get 3 1/2" blocks.

I'm going to keep looking for other ways to cut/make 3 1/2" blocks.
Hopefully easier?

Gray rainy day today.
Watched Jeeves and Wooster while I worked on the blocks.


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