Thursday, March 07, 2013

HST Conquered - Easiest Way To Make Half Square Triangles

Well, this is the easiest way for me to make Half Square Triangles
since I am sewing them by hand.

I didn't realize how tedious it would be to make so many HST.
No drawing of cut lines like this...

Strips marked with cut and seam lines.
I will only be drawing 1/4 seam line on four sides.

I didn't want to mess around with dealing with math

so I laid out 4 HST that I had cut from the earlier pattern
and measured... which made about a 5 1/2" square.

So, I cut out a 5 1/2" test square and made some HST.

And the half square triangles came out to be 3 1/2".
Well, close enough for me.
I am not going to quibble about 1/16".
I'm not a perfectionist quilter and I don't count threads either.

My first 5 1/2" square made with quilt material.
One light, one dark, right sides together.

After sewing 1/4" around the four sides I cut the square on the diagonal.

How easy is that!!! 

I am not an exact quilter so if my blocks come out within 1/2"
of the finished size
then I'm happy and the quilt goes together
and the fabric does a little adjusting and everything still looks great.

I think I have enough of the light material to use as sashing
around the blocks.
I'm aiming for 12 finished blocks.
Then I can start adding sashing around the blocks.
Well, back to sewing.
Click on link to see
Finished quilt.

Morgan is fine... she is sleeping.



Barbee' said...

Well, aren't you the smartest little thing! You are moving right along with that project. Love looking over your shoulder.

lisa said...

That is going to be beautiful! I can weave but I sure envy the ones that can do quilting!

DevonMaid said...

It's a great method, and if you do them all the same way, no-one will ever know they're a fraction out ... it's more important that you enjoy the process anyway!