Sunday, March 17, 2013

Broken Dishes Progress Report

Today I laid out the blocks and came up with this arrangement.
I ran out of the dark fabric on one of the red blocks
but the block still looks ok.
Morgan was very careful and didn't walk on the blocks.
This stack below of half square triangles waiting to be pressed
is my little trick.
I really don't like picking up each square, pressing the seam and
then opening and pressing each HST.
Too much stopping and starting.
Little stack of HST's.
So, I open all the HST's and lay them in a pile.
Then I pick up and hold each square by the darker color
and press the seam
then still holding the darker color open the square
lay it down and press it flat.

The process goes much faster for me that way.

Top right corner is the block I made when I ran out of the black fabric.
 The pattern I found online at the
Missouri Quilt Co on YouTube was for 20 blocks.

But that made a quilt that was a bit too large for me so
I decided to opt for 12 blocks.
Now I need to stitch these blocks together and
start thinking about choices for the sashing and borders.

I think I have been sewing for too long because
when I took Morgan out earlier today
I forgot to put on her muzzle
and didn't notice 
she ate something that she found under the leaves.

I hope she is not going to get sick again!


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Tanya said...

Your Broken Dish blocks so nice!

I see Morgan in the background there.. How is she doing?