Monday, April 16, 2012

Sunny Days Ahead

 It was a sunny day today, but it was not that warm. 
The chickens didn't care if it was cold in the shade. 
They were just happy to be out in the woods. 

There have been two weeks of mostly cold, rain, hail, snow, more rain, 
and just gloomy cold weather. 
But I am very glad we got the much needed rain. 

I took advantage of the dismal dreary weather to read, 
watch movies and generally loaf around. 
I find that my mood tends to adjust itself according to the amount of available sunlight. 

The chickens are doing much better with more sun too... 
they laid 5 eggs today! 



Knatolee said...

I see spring is coming very slowly to you! Hope it warms up soon.

LindaG said...

Congratulations on all those eggs! Glad to hear your chickens were finally able to get out.
Have a wonderful day! :o)

Anna said...

I can really relate to that mood adjusting to the amount of sunlight. My mood is so much better when there is lots of sunshine. But we do need a few 'gloomy' days for our bodies to rest, I am sure. Wishing you many more sunny days this week!

callie brady said...

Knatolee: It's sunny, but not warm yet. Hope you are enjoying warm Spring weather.
LindaG: Thank you... you too!
Anna: Thanks! Hope you have a good week too!