Sunday, April 01, 2012

It's Snowing Again!

April Fools! 
Well, it did snow yesterday but it rained last night and most of the snow is gone. 
More snow and rain forecast this week. 

Buff Brahma, Light Brahma
Today the chickens are out running under cars to get away  
from rain showers but happy to be out of their pen. 

Morgan is looking in the mirror so she can watch what 
is happening in the windows reflections. 
Smart dog... saves her having to keep turning her head to gaze 
out of all the downstairs windows.

1 egg today

I'm going to have to start reading blogs and 
posting again. 
I've enjoyed the blog vacation. 



lisa said...

I love that picture of Morgan!

callie brady said...

Me too! I took three pictures of her and they are all good. I had a hard time deciding which one to post. Morgan is so sweet.

Carol............. said...

Blog vacations are necessary once in a while! So what are you going to do with your egg?

Have a good week!

diane b said...

Megan looks like she is posing. Hope spring finds you eventually.
Its a good idea to turn off word verification to make it easier for people to comment. I only just realised that mine was still on after I changed over to the new interface, even though I had it disabled on the old editor.

Jen's Farmily said...

Ha! That would've been a good April Fool's rumor to spread around!

We have a Bugg & Light Brahma too....and thankfully no snow!

Linda said...

Great post and lovely photos.

wilbo43 said...

Oh Callie. One egg only?? Very soon you'll have to buy eggs. Time to have a serious talk with your chickens, I think.

callie brady said...

lisa: Thank you! Morgan is a sweetie!
Carol: Had the egg for breakfast. I needed the blog vacation.
diane b: I turned the word verification on to keep the spammers away. I hope the sun is back, but we do need the rain.
Jen's Family: I like snow, but I miss the sun.
Linda: Thank you!
wilbo43: I really don't like store bought eggs at all. I'd rather do without than buy eggs. Thanks again for the rosti recipe!

Knatolee said...

Morgan looks very regal, and the Brahmas are beautiful!

callie brady said...

Knatolee: Thank you! The hens are looking pretty good.