Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chicken Bullies

I let the hens out and scattered some corn for them to scratch. 
11 happy hens! 

Then I went back to the coop and let Curly out of the carrier. 
She was not so happy. 
She went back in the coop to eat in private. 
Then she left to join the flock... 

where a nasty little Wyandotte jumped on her 
and started pecking her neck. 

I ran over and chased away the Wyandotte 
and followed the chickens out to the woods. 

Curly stayed near the Buff Brahmas and Pasty the White Brahma, 
who don't bother her, 
and on the edge of the flock. 

All the chickens seemed much more interested in scratching 
the leaf litter up 
than in tormenting Curly. 

Curly seemed more interested in watching the other hens 
than in scratching. 
I counted 9 chickens... 

and went looking and found the two bossy Buff Orpingtons 
and an Australorp off by themselves. 

I watched Curly for quite awhile and the hens didn't bother her again. 
Hope things go better for her today. 

4 eggs today 
Had them for dinner. 
I made tostadas. 
Should have taken photos, but ate them up too fast. 



LindaG said...

I hope things are going better today!

lisa said...

I hope things go better for her too! Hope everything else, is going good.

callie brady said...

LindaG: Curly seems fine.
lisa: I checked Curly again tonight and she is OK!

Linda said...

I have a new hen who is being bullied unmercifully. It makes me sad for her.

Tanya said...

What is it with bullying... I have bullying cats. What is so hard about living together and just ignoring someone who doesn't match your tune. Unfortunately Japanese society has major bullying in the human race too.