Friday, April 20, 2012

Bossy Australorp

This Australorp may be small, 
but she chases Morgan around in circles. 
Evidently, size is not the only factor in what makes for a boss hen.

11 hens came out of the coop this morning
so I went looking for Curly
and found her still sitting on a roost.

She seems fine...
just still not being accepted by the whole flock.
I hope she is not sick... she doesn't act sick.

Some of the hens like to gather here in the morning sunshine and warm up
 by the side of the green house.

Kristine brought home Chinese food for dinner!
Thanks, Kristine!

5 eggs today.
I broke one.


1 comment:

LindaG said...

*hugs* on the broken egg.
Food for someone else, I guess. ;o)

Happy Sunday to you both! :o)