Thursday, April 19, 2012

Curly And Popcorn

Here is Curly. 
She has a small wound on her cheek that is healing. 
We put an antibiotic ointment on her wound and on her comb.
I think her comb might have gotten a bit of frostbite.
She is a heavy chicken. 
She must weigh over 8 pounds. 
Curly is not missing any meals even if she is getting picked on. 

Made some popcorn in the iron chicken fryer. 
Tastes great! 
I have learned to put the lid on a bit skewed so steam can escape. 
Makes for much crunchier popcorn. 

2 eggs today. 
I thought there were three... 
but when I was washing the eggs I found out that 
one of the eggs was a wooden one. 
Jokes on me! 



RiverBend Farm said...

Curly is definitely "fluffy". I love me a fluffy chicken!! I accidently put a wooden egg in a dozen eggs for someone. They laughed too after they tried repeatedly to crack it!!

callie brady said...

RiverBend Farm: Oh, thanks for telling me about that... I don't feel so silly now. It looks like a real egg!

LindaG said...

I want to get back to making popcorn in a pan instead of the microwave stuff.
I guess I need a chicken roaster now. :)

Then you can post the basic directions for good home popped popcorn.

Have a blessed weekend! ♥

Linda said...

I like the "chicken fryer." But, I have never seen a lid like that. What brand it is?

The comments in the sidebar require clicking on each one to read, very annoying. So, I am less likely to comment or read comments, much less answer a question...just my unsolicited 2 cents worth.

I do love your blog.

callie brady said...

LindaG: I use the directions that are on the popcorn. I do use a tablespoon less oil. I put the burner on medium... gas range.
Linda: The brand on the bottom of the fry pan is:
Cresent Fd'y, Ozark, St. Louis, Mo.
I bought the pan at a house sale in an old gold mining town. I think it is an old pan, because the inside of the pan is very smooth. Love that pan!
Sorry about the side bar problem. I wish Google would come up with an easy way to reply to comments.