Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lovely White Japanese Chicken!

Today I found a surprise package on the counter! 
Tanya sent a white Japanese chicken to make its home in California. 
Wow! Thank you, Tanya! 
I appreciate your thoughtfulness very much. 

is the wonderful blog she writes in Japan. 
Even though I have tried to talk her into getting a hen or three, 
she doesn't have any chickens.

 But she quilts, has a dog, 
many sweet cats, and is always very busy teaching, 
working on many projects, homemaking, 
and with church and community work. 
I love reading her blog. 

The lovely white chicken has pride of place among its new flock mates. 
The white hen came with its own gold and black stand. 
The addition of the white chicken is the crowning touch! 
Thank you again, Tanya, very much! 

There was also a beautiful card! 

There were four eggs today. 
When I was washing them, one egg had such a soft shell that it broke. 
I think the chicken has a defective shell maker 
because I give the hens lots of oyster shell that they are not even 
supposed to need since they free range. 

That is Curly the Cochin in the rabbit carrier this evening. 
She is tucked away safe from the other chickens for the night 
and morning until I let them all out for the day. 

Kristine and I caught Curly crouched down close to the ground 
with a bossy Buff Orpington 
pecking Curly's head and neck. 

More photos of Curly's head tomorrow 
and conjecture about what brought on the bullying. 



LindaG said...

You have a wonderful collection of chickens! :o)

Hope Curly will be okay. ♥

diane b said...

Love your white chicken t looks happy with its mates. Poor Curly getting bullied. I'm glad you can keep her safe.

Carol............. said...

Cool white chicken! Hope Curly gets better soon........

callie brady said...

LindaG: Thanks, Linda. Hope so too.
diane b: She needs to learn to stick up for herself, but I hope she stays safe.
Carol: Thank you! I hope she gets better too!