Saturday, April 21, 2012

April Moss

The mossy rocks and trees are so beautiful. 

I have never seen the chickens eat any of the moss. 

The chickens like to sit on the rocks but they don't peck at them. 
I let the chickens out early this morning 
and Curly came out with the other hens and ate 
cabbage on the porch. 
Really hard for me to figure out chicken dynamics. 

3 eggs today 



euthymic said...

The moss look magical. Like it were a place in Ireland or something, or like little Lord of the Rings homes:)

callie brady said...

euthymic: I love the mossy green woods too. Amazing how the moss can live through the hot summer. But it comes to life again as soon as it rains.

LindaG said...

Great photos! Love the green. :o)

callie brady said...

LindaG: Thanks... I love the look of the moss too!

callie brady said...

Answer: Tanya: Any bullying is cruel, but it seems to happen in many species. I wonder if bullying behavior is part of our DNA? A survival mechanism?

RiverBend Farm said...

the moss is interesting to say the least. I would think the rocks would contain lots of minerals for the animals. But I'm sure that God has provided just the right nutrients out there for the chickens, leaving the moss for our amazement.