Friday, July 01, 2011

Working On Fourth Of July Quilt

Finishing up quilting the Fourth Of July quilt and not doing much of anything else. Hope to have it done by the 4th.

I did get a lot of the paths cleared, but then it rained and thunder stormed, so I went back to working on the quilt.

I use painters tape to mark out the spacing for quilting the borders. I stitch along near to the edges of the tape.

The tape is also neat to use because it picks up any lint, threads, fluff from the batting, etc.

I suppose I could use a pencil to mark the lines, but this way there are not marks to remove.

The chickens are fine and enjoying scratching up the forest floor. Morgan would really like to get back outside. Soon hopefully.


Janet said...

You must find making these quilts so rewarding-it is gorgeous ! wish I had the time and patience[not to mention the skill !] to make one-they are real heirloom pieces.x

Kelly said...

My mom quilted many years ago. They are beautiful works of art and last for many generations to come. Do you ever enter them in fairs? Absolutely beautiful. I love the idea of the painters tape.

Bloody Frida said...

beautiful, Callie - and I love the helpful hint of the tape.

This fall I'm hoping to start quilting - I recently found the cutest little fabric store in town of all places (it's kind of hidden away) and then have classes!)

LindaG said...

That's going to be a really gorgeous quilt, Callie.
Glad to hear the chickens are having a good time. :)

Lana at said...

Very cool idea. It looks like fun!