Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Google+, +1 And Me

Wow! I got an invite!

I'm a social network virgin.
I tried to set up Facebook, but gave up.

I'm liking this +1

Here is a bit of info.
There are other videos about +1 on YouTube.

I may have sent you an invite.
If that was not wanted, I apologize.
If you do want an invite,
and I didn't actually send you one...
let me know if you want an invite.

I'm still clicking around on everything
getting the hang of things.

I'm hoping that my blog will somehow become a part of +1 and it will be a one stop shopping place. Well, not shopping really, but sharing, chat, video, etc. I hate having to remember different passwords and having to navigate to different sites. I hope this is home for a long while!

My +1 page is coming along nicely. I haven't quite figured out some things, but I'm working on it. What that means is that I have to read the directions. Read directions? Who me?

Oh, Wow... I just noticed on Preview that there is a +1 button at the bottom of my post. Neat!

If someone clicks on it, I wonder if it means my blog and the post or just the post will be added to their list of +1's or? So much to find out...

OK... I just clicked on the +1 and the URL for my blog and just this post showed up in the +1 list. I read that YouTube is going to have a +1 button. Now I'm on to find out about Sparks. Wish I had a monitor with a camera then I could use Hangout.


John Gray said...

gawd...I have just gotton used to blogging
dont confuse me further!!!

LindaG said...

Hehe. I'm with John. I don't think I'll be doing plus one either, but glad you're having fun with it!

hemenekle said...

nice one

Visite my

Jayme said...

I'm waiting til winter to figure it out! I hate the thought of spending more time on the computer, but I do like the look of Google + more than FB!