Monday, June 13, 2011

Up On The Roof... Again

Time to rake the leaves off the garage roof. The orchard ladder makes a safe and easily climbable stairway.

I always think of this song when I'm up on the roof and it hums around in my mind while I'm up there.

When I lived in San Francisco and Los Angeles I didn't have a roof to escape to, but I did have the beach and nature trails available that gave a sense of quiet and freedom.

There is something magical about just being on a roof! I highly recommend a trip to a rooftop... (as long as it is safe.)

After I raked off one side of the roof I climbed to the ridge  and surprise... a tree was laying on that side, but thankfully hadn't punched a hole through the roof.

I climbed down there and hauled on the tree to make it slide off, but it was caught on some other trees.
I had to go get help.

But first I sat down and rested and sang a bit of Up On The Roof. It was so nice up there.

Here is a photo of the roof without leaves.

And here are the chickens taking me home.

I think they wondered what I was doing up there... raking up good things to eat? I often wonder if they don't think I am a big chicken with an unfair advantage and want rakes of their own. 

PS. I didn't have any ice cream last night. Thought about it... almost as good.


Gone Country said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your rooftop work today! (Just please be careful!)

No ice cream... good for you! Those jeans will be comfortable once again!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I love that song Callie! I had to chuckle when you wondered what the chickens may have been thinking--I have a feeling that same thought crosses the mind of our dogs a lot!!

LindaG said...

The one time we had the boys rake off the roof of the garage at the farm, a fire ant hill came with it.

Love that your chickens escorted you home. :)

Barbara said...

I have vertigo, so there is no way on earth I could go on a roof to clean it off. Can you come to my house? :)

Vicki Lane said...

Isn't is nice when necessary jobs are fun too? I sat in the garden and weeded for hours -- the day was lovely and cool -- such a delight!