Thursday, June 02, 2011

Buff Orpington

This little girl is a bit slow. Maybe she is old or maybe just cold. The hens have their feathers fluffed up and their heads tucked in like turtles.

So, whatever the case, she didn't run away when I took her picture. She just stared at me.

She has her toes nailed into the cabbage pieces, so she is sure they aren't getting away. Smart chicken!

It rained and hailed yesterday and rained last night, but gave way to a sunny/cloudy cold day.

This is Fall weather... cold and wet.

I'm making spaghetti sauce... spaghetti is fun food... that ought to cheer us up. I'll have to give some noodles to the hens.


Gone Country said...

She is a smart girl! Possibly quite the ham for the camera too!

I hope you catch a break soon in the weather department!

lisa said...

The hens like noodles? We had spaghetti last week and it was yummy!

Rain said...

oh Callie--I just love my buff orps-my injured one died last night-so only have two left. They are such a beautiful color. Course I say that about all my chickens?! and love to watch mine eat noodles also-get some great shots!! you have to because no one believes it otherwise!! Keep that sun shinning!!

LindaG said...


Have a great weekend! :)

Feral Female said...

Aren`t buffs great looking birds?!