Sunday, June 12, 2011

Jeans vs Pajamas

I've started writing down what I eat again because my jeans are getting tight.

You know... like when I have to suck in my tummy and hold my breath to hook the button. Yeah...

And I'm laying the blame on my pajamas!

When it was cold and wet out and not that warm inside, I took to wearing my pajamas all day. Lovely warm pajamas!

Well, they didn't tell me a thing about my waistline getting larger, so I kept eating with abandon. sigh... Until my jeans spoke to me.

I still eat pretty much what I have been eating except I find that since I have to go to the computer, open the file and type up the munchies I am much more apt to pass on the delectable tidbit and have a cup of tea (without honey.)

I have cut way back on bread and crackers... starchy stuff, but mostly it comes down to eating less.

And for munchies... I make sure I have my bowl of dried fruits and nuts handy for when I get hungry between meals.

I don't eat all that in one day, but I have it handy. And I have my candied ginger piece in there for a treat.

Having to write down what I eat comes down to having to pay attention to what I eat and make decisions instead of just eating for enjoyment, boredom or something to do.

Today I worked on getting the leaves off the garage roof and did some raking behind the house.

Barbecued hot dogs for dinner. Ice cream for desert? Oh dear... I'd have to write it down. Well, at least I'm thinking before eating.


Lorilee said...

I hear ya! I miss my younger days, when I could eat whatever I wanted without giving a thought to gaining weight! I sure miss those days!

Bloody Frida said...

I was wearing sweats/pajamas all winter long too! Thanks for your snacking suggestions.

Gone Country said...

My hubby and I gained quite a bit of weight during the winter months. (It didn't help that we went on a cruise in September which started the whole weight-gain mess!) Cutting down and being accountable to yourself or someone else really helps alot. Sounds like you're on the right track! Keep up the good work!

Denise said...

I'm a PJ in the wintertime person and love my comfies as I call them. Coincidentally I have also started writing things down what I eat, and I am counting calories for a while until I get used to the portion sizes. I also take pictures of the meals as it all helps me to keep on track. Got a ways to go but one step and one day at a time, and I'll wish us both luck to the time we can see the difference.

Vicki Lane said...

Good for you for taking steps to prevent the weight gain. I badly need to do the same...