Friday, June 10, 2011

Sunny Spring Friday

Most of the driveway is raked, but I still have lots more raking to do around the house and fence line.

I would like to put in a whole day working... maybe next week? I am a bit sore after four hours today.

I hope I got my daily dose of vitamin D. Ahhh... being in the sun was a real treat.

I raked up to the row of leaves at the bottom of the photo. I raked the driveway four times because as it dries out more leaves pop up. I even raked under the motor home. It needs a bath... something else that needs doing.

Curly the Cochin spent a lot of time on the porch hanging out in hopes of getting some treats. The waiting was not rewarded because I had already given the hens a cantaloupe this morning for breakfast along with their lay pellets.

I think Google has gone goofy! The last two days my stats have shot up to around 250 page views a day. How strange is that!

Hmmm... I did "Follow" a Syrian blogger and (as Kristine told me) maybe the Syrian secret police types are messing with my blog to see who I am. They must be confused... a little old lady?

How disappointing for them... of course, they probably think I am some CIA plot. Seems like they think everything is some kind of plot.

Nope... sorry, I'm just a 70 year old lady with a sore back and arms from raking leaves and hauling tree limbs around.

I'm going to go soak in the tub for a while and see if I can get some of the kinks out.


Gone Country said...

Good luck getting the kinks out! Four hours?! That's a lot of raking! Great job!

LindaG said...

I'm younger than you and I am pretty sure I could not rake that long, so go you!
Hope you're having a wonderful Saturday. ♥