Thursday, December 02, 2010

Snow For December 2010

This orpington would rather scratch up feed than eat the scratch out of the feeder. She would much rather be scratching around out of the pen, but it is still too cold and wet to leave Morgan out all day watching the chickens.

Behind the feeder on the left there is an australorp going in the coop through the opening I left open under one of the windows.

Most of the snow has melted where it is in the sun all day, but there is still frozen snow in shady places... like the porch.

Kristine just came in and asked me if I heard the thud. Thud? No. Turns out that she let Morgan out, turned around to shut the door and thud!

Morgan was laying on her side on the Sierra Cement trying to get up. And she has claws! Poor baby. She is ok. I hate trying to walk on that frozen snow.

When Kristine asked if I heard a thud I thought she meant that another tree fell over. Not unusual for trees to fall.

On my one trip outside today I came upon this tree limb that fell during this snow. I put my walking stick on it for size comparison. The stick is near five feet, so the limb is around fifteen feet.

I don't plan to be spending time outside until we have a good wind storm that will knock the rest of the dead branches down. It's a bit creepy walking around under the tall trees knowing there are dead limbs just waiting to fall.

I was up all night again keeping the wood stove filled and watching films on YouTube. I also made a list of over twenty five Christmas movies. I'm looking forward to watching some old favorites and finding some new ones.

And I need to remember to keep my mouth shut when I go out. Or remember to put a muffler around my neck and mouth. My teeth ached for half the day from breathing with my mouth open when I was outside. It didn't feel that cold, but ouch!

Christmas Movie
December 1st
For each day of December this year I'm going to watch
a Christmas film of some sort.
Some old favorites - some new.

click to watch on YouTube

A new film for me to start off the month.
I liked the film, but couldn't understand all the words.
Don't know what people in Wales would think of it.

(December 1, 2009)
Last year I tried leaving up the Christmas decorations
for a few months,
but ended up taking them down.
This year we will leave them up until the grand children and family
come for a second Christmas.

[0 eggs today]
The tarp I put over the chicken pen
has cut out a lot of the sun light into the coop.
I think the loss of light has contributed to 0 eggs.



LindaG said...

That's one thing I don't miss about the snow. The ice.
Glad to hear Morgan is okay!

diane said...

Maybe the eggs have frozen inside the hens. It is snowing all over the northern hemisphere according to my world wide blog friends. I'm glad I live in the sub tropics.

Gail said...

Do be careful with those "hangers". A man was killed last year during our big ice storm.

lisa said...

I would hate to have to worry about a tree falling on top of my head ;) Poor Morgan! I love Christmas movies.

Hopeful said...

poor morgan! achey teeth from the cold is not good... yikes! i like the link to the christmas movie! have a nice day.

John Gray said...

watch that tree!!!
it is a big fear of mine when out walking alone!!!

Jabacue said...

For a second there, I thought an australorp was a snake of some sort!!! You never know with you chicken people!! lol
Gee everybody is freezing.....ours is coming!

Anonymous said...

I hope Morgan remembers how to walk on ice and snow.


Donna said...

I discovered your blog when I checked on blogs with treadle sewing machine interests. Hubby and I love going to the Gold Country, makes me wonder where you are, we're down the road in Fresno. From another happy grandma.

Tanya said...

Oh dear! Morgan! Be careful! You too Callie!