Saturday, December 04, 2010

Chicken Scratch 4, Chicken Pellets 0

 The hens have voted with their feet and beaks. The scratch always wins over pellets. The hens can empty that small feeder of scratch in one day.

I don't know if the hens care about having a dry pen, but I sure do appreciate not having to walk around in chicken pen mud.

I just had to take a photo of the only snow I could find. No mud. Only the chicken pen gets muddy because of all the bedding stuff I put down.

The rest of the place has such good drainage that it takes a very big rain storm before we even get puddles.

I did hand sewing today
and find that I miss it.
I found a photo of a hexagon quilt online
that I would like to try.

First I will need to make
a hexagon pattern out of plastic.
That should be fun.

Christmas Movie
December 4th

click to watch on YouTube

I love watching Fred Astaire dance!
This movie always leaves me with a smile on my face.
This is not a PC movie, but I love the music and dancing.
And Bing Crosby and Fred are easy to take.
White Christmas is a remake of this movie.
I like Holiday Inn better.

(December 4, 2009)
Gee, last year I got 3 eggs.

[0 eggs today]
I think the chickens are on strike
until I let them out of the pen
so they can free range.



Anonymous said...

Love that you are letting the hens vote. Scratch makes perfect sense.

diane said...

The girls know what they like. Glad to hear you have rekindled interest in sewing.

DevonMaid said...

I'm still piecing hexagons that I mounted over 20 years ago! They've been in a wardrobe in the meanwhile ...

I'm a great starter of projects, but only finish about half of them. Take a look here to see what I mean!

Gail said...

Sounds like a happy hen house to me!

LindaG said...

You're lucky to have such good drainage. :)

Hopeful said...

your chickens are spoiled getting all that scratch! mine just get a couple handfuls each day, ha ha. sure hope those girls start laying again soon for you!

Kelly said...

Our gils love the scratch above all else too. When we have snow I have to throw the scratch out so they will even go outside. We put hay down on the snow so they will go out. We too have spoiled girls.
Love your snow!

Tanya said...

I've got the hexagon plastic pieces if you want me to send them to you. I don't have any plans for using them but if you could I'd be happy to make up a package. Let me know!

Leigh said...

Very interesting about your chickens choice of scratch over pellets, because mine have decided the exact same thing!