Friday, December 03, 2010

Snow's Almost All Gone

Today the hens had their breakfast served on a big blue lid. They seem to like their food best when they can get their feet into it and dig a bit. Finger food?

I moved the last of the wood that was stacked on the porch inside and stacked it in the entry. Not much left. It's not so cold so maybe I can stretch this for a day or two?

I'm not looking forward to hauling wood from the shed. Hope Tom comes home tomorrow. Hauling wood is a lot easier for him to do than me.

We got the sign, "Cut your own firewood and it warms you twice," a few Christmases ago and it's true. But getting hot and sweaty moving wood when the temperature is low is not a good thing. Then I'm just hot, sweaty and cold.

I like cold weather better than hot weather, but I'm missing the sun. Dark dreary days wear on me and I find it all to easy to want to fold up and do nothing.

It would be so neat to have a little sun of my own that would hover overhead and follow me around. That will probably be an invention in the future. A personal weather controller that you could set to your ideal light and heat conditions. And it would probably come with cell phone, internet, camera, and other cool options.

I'm enjoying watching movies everyday to make sure they are still on my list of favorite Christmas movies. What I remember about a movie is not always true. Time has a way of distorting memories and in my case mixing up and combining parts of movies I haven't seen in a long time. I enjoy Desk Set more every time I watch it.

Christmas Movie
December 3rd

click to watch on YouTube

I like Katharine Hepburn
and this movie reminds me of the Christmas Parties
when I worked for a bank in the 50's.
I wonder if companies still host Christmas Parties?
In the 80's it was the employees who
organized the parties.
I guess it depends on the company.

I went to a few of the parties, but ended up not going to them because I was embarrassed to be around people at work that had been behaving badly, sadly or poorly. People really shouldn't drink at Christmas parties if they are going to be rude or drink until they're sick. I guess the saving grace for them was that they didn't remember and if they were lucky no one told them of their blunders.

The brainy machine reminds me of the early bank machines we had that read magnetic strips on each account ledger. It was a step up from Bob Cratchet's bookkeeping... that's for sure. It seems that I missed a lot of the 60's and late 50's working in the bank basement. When I got up it was dark and by the time I got home it was dark. Weekends were filled with doing all the stuff I was too tired to do during the week. I missed out on all the hippie flower children '60's stuff. Sigh...

(December 3, 2009)
The leaves were still on the oaks last year.
So, leaves still on the trees is normal.
Snow and rain earlier this year.

[0 eggs today]



Hopeful said...

yeah, i vote for someone else cutting the wood, too! love the sign, though. stay inside, stay warm and watch movies me thinketh for you!

Feral Female said...

Yup, the chickens like thier food when they can dig in it!

Nancy K. said...

We got a foot of snow last night! I'm with you on preferring cold over hot. I even remember thinking, one day last winter (when it was about thirty below!) that I'd rather be lugging water in weather like that than in 90 degrees and high humidity!

I can always bundle up...

Tanya said...

I bowed out of a drinking party too. As a non drinker I don't find the level of conversation to my liking... and I'm not going to start drinking just so that I get on the majority's level...