Thursday, December 02, 2010

Rain Today To Chase The Snow Away

Two orpingtons eating scratch out of the goat grain feeder. I like to use this feeder because it has metal hooks on the back side that fit over the metal on the fence... and the chickens can't tip the feeder over when they jump in it or roost on the edge.

Beautiful blue sky yesterday morning! I took the photo to make a record of the fact that the oak trees still have at least half their leaves after the rains, snow and freezes. I want the leaves and the dead branches to come down!  But not when I'm there.

Those oaks are very tall. I'm pointing the camera almost straight up to take this photo and those seemingly little branches are like the 15 footer (or longer) that I showed in yesterday's post.

Now that it's raining (the rain is coming down hard) I sure hope it washes away all that horrid frozen snow. 

Kristine brought home Thai food for dinner. There was brown rice and a vegetable soup that was quite spicy. At first I thought it was too hot, but the rice cut the heat and I am acquiring a taste for the seasoning.

The Christmas decorations are still in storage and will remain outside until there is a break in the rain and the porch is a safe place to walk.

I'm very glad I stacked all that fire wood on the porch this year. Not having to make my way out to the shed and haul wood was a very good thing. When the rain lets up, filling the stack back up will be a #1 job.

I'm still sleepy. I plan on trying to sleep tonight instead of staying up and keeping the wood stove full. The rain has brought the temperature up to 50ยบ. Lucky me!

Christmas Movie
December 2nd

click to watch on YouTube

This is a new find for me...
with Barbara Stanwyck and Fred MacMurray

A hoosier Christmas with a twist.
I like movies that leave me with good feelings.

I was going to post Moonstruck (with Cher) as todays Christmas movie, but YouTube has deleted several of the parts. I can find the beginning and the end and a few in the middle. Hope someone uploads it again. I love watching Cher, the story is neat, reminds me of Tom's Italian family, it has a happy ending, and it takes place at Christmas. Moonstruck is probably online somewhere.

Answer to the Last November Riddle is:
A Path

(December 2, 2009)

[0 eggs today]
I made the chickens up some warm pellet mash.
Chickens still penned and probably will be for
a week or so because it is raining and will be 'till next week.
Kristine brought home a bag of scratch.



Gail said...

Hope the temps continue the rise and the last of the snow leaves. Stay warm

Hopeful said...

hope your snow is gone soon! chickens look happy. yum, thai food! my absolute favorite. have you tried the tom kha soup? coconut soup base with lemon and lots of goodies. not spicy and i highly suggest it if you haven't had it!

Canyon Girl said...

Looks like you had a busy day. I remember Moonstruck as a good movie. Oh, how time flies, that was a while back. I hope you stay warm!--Inger

LindaG said...

The spicy is good for you if you're sick, too.

Hope your porch clears up for you.

Anonymous said...

So glad it's easier for you to have wood this year. I always hated having to walk through the snow to get wood when I was a teenager.