Monday, June 14, 2010

DSL Is Fixed! (Update added)

June 18, 2010 - Update - Spending time with daughter and grandkids. Kathleen got her hair cut today... bangs! I smashed a chicken the day before... the fence thingy I put up to keep Morgan out of the coop fell over and trapped a hen. Kristine saved the chicken and the hen is ok now. The sickly Wyandotte is moving faster and seems to be feeling better. The chickens and Morgan are out and about the property and the fox has not been back. I did keep the chickens locked up on Sunday when most of the fox attack seem to occur... when people lock up their dogs when they go to church?

Photo --- Tristan feeding treats to the chickens on the porch.

Amazing how the days fly by when there are children around to keep you busy. I'm clearing paths to use to pull the kids around in the garden wagon. The mosquitos love the kids even though they are covered with mosquito repellent. Sometimes I think the stuff attracts the mosquitos. I don't wear any bug stuff. The mosquitos don't seem to like me and I keep moving. If I stand in one place and say, water the garden, then the mosquitos will bite.

No photo, but Kristine's birthday chocolate cake is very good. I had another piece tonight after dinner. I could eat the whole cake!

I hope to resume regular posting in a week. The new blogger design feature is interesting, but I will have to wait until I have time to play with it. Thanks for the comments!

DSL just went out again... working now. No idea what the problem is. This started out to be a sentence or two. I should have made a new post.


June 14th --- Just a quick post. The repair person came out to the house to check the DSL and then left to do something back at the office. Whatever he did restored our internet to our delight and at no cost.

Amazing how much I miss not having the ability to connect to what is going on in the world when the connection to the internet is out.

This photo is of the grandkids meeting and greeting an alligator up close and personal.

The alligator was rather calm considering all the kids and noise... although the alligator did provide an original moment earlier when he peed on the table. Wow! The kids got to see alligator pee. They all thought that was pretty cool.

This Wyandotte is not doing very well. She has droopy wing feathers and is moving slow. We are watching her and so is her Buff buddy who is keeping her company. They are sunning themselves on the porch near Morgan who is by the door on the right. I only got her tail in the photo. 


Melodie said...

HaHa,I can here it now, when their teacher ask what they did this summer....saw an alligator pee!!!!

Jabacue said...

Is that alligator alive? Yikes!
Hey, the fact that the Wyandotte is sunning herself may be a good sign?

Karin said...

Hope your Wynadotte gets better.

Annie said...

When we were kids, my brother had a pet baby alligator. I was terrified of it...especially when my brother gave it my pencils to snap in two. But I love your chickens. Whenever I click onto to your blog, I am cheered by your header with all those chickens on the porch!

Chicken Boys said...

Hope the wynadotte is okay. Perhaps you should keep her away from the aligator.

DayPhoto said...

I have a chicken that isn't doing well either. I got her back to snuff earlier in the month, but she has relased.

Sometimes I wish I talked chicken so she could tell me what is wrong.


The Cottage Garden Farmer said...

My goodness, I thought alligators were dangerous? Glad to hear you're back on line though

John Gray said...

try some pasta with her! helps some of my poorlies!!!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hi Callie!! With me being out of town, your internet being down, I feel like its been so long since I got to your blog--I feel all caught up now, and hope that you continue to enjoy your grandkids and your Wynadotte feels better too--Oh, and your internet keeps working too!! Take care!!

JoyceAnn said...

Glad your DSL is fixed and you can share photos of the Grands watching an alligator pee (LOL). It's funny how older kids are so fascinated with pee and poop , Curious J loves to talk about pee and poop. Looks like they're having a wonderful time.

~ Bee Blessed ~

Becky's Barnyard said...

I hate it when I have computer troubles. Hope you hen gets well.

Toni aka irishlas said...

Looks like everyone is having a wonderful time!
Sorry one of the girls is not feeling so well.

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Some random (eclectic) comments:

1) You make my SECOND Chicken blog - - -the other is called "Chickens in the Basement." Have you found that one? You might like - - -

2) I see the word ECLECTIC in your header!!!! We eclectic types need to stick together!

3) I clicked to follow - - - seems like a fun and busy porch upon which to sit a spell.

4) Alligator pee. What a highlight in an otherwise dull day!!!!

JoyceAnn said...

Hi Callie ~ I see the Grands are keeping you busy , bet you all are having some fun.
My DSL had problems like that a few weeks ago , I think the phone company may have been working on the lines. I didn't call them , but since that week it has been working fine.

~ Many Blessings ~

Jody Blue said...

What a fun little field trip, with an added bonus...thats a story that will make it around the block a time or two.