Thursday, January 07, 2016

Tea And Jam

Wow! It is already 1:30.
Gee whiz, time flies.
Nothing much happening here except rain. Which is good.

So, the most interesting thing I did today was make toast.
(And knit.
 No, not my breakfast.)
My breakfast.

See the empty jam jar?
Well, I scraped out the last of the peach jam 
and put the little dabs of jam on the peanut buttered toast.

Then I put a little hot water from the kettle
in the empty jam jar.
Swished it around.
Let it sit a while to dissolve all the jam bits 
I couldn't get out of the jar
and poured it into my tea cup.

Mostly this turns out to be a really tastey thing to do.
I get the dregs of the jam and a neat cup of tea. 
I must admit that depending on the tea and jam used
it can turn out not so tastey.

But it is fun.
And today it was a really tasty cup of green tea and jam.

Ok, time for me to make myself some lunch.
More jam and toast?
Eggs and toast?

Mostly I just want to get over my migraine.
I gave myself some pepsi
to settle my stomach.
Sipping soda is ok.

Posting while under the influence of migraine
is probably a bad idea.
I seem to act think/not think
as if I was in a mental fog.
Funny though. Trying to think and talk.

Migraines give me a brain drain.

Well, in my case it is not smart people leaving the area
it is my smarts leaving my noodle.
Kristine said she would read and check this post
and see if I made any glaring errors.

I think I will go pack some Christmas stuff.
That's a safe activity.
I hope.

I can hear it year...
"Mom , Where is the ...,?
What did you do with it?

me... "I don't know!"

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diane b said...

Thats an interesting cup of tea. Migraines are no fun. Hope you are better soon.