Monday, January 04, 2016

It's Raining!

It is supposed to rain all week.
Maybe 6 inches and some snow?
Or the rain may mostly fall South or North or?
Don't know.
But California is supposed to get wet1

The forest looks much better wet.

I don't know why but I reallylike the wet deck.

I'm making buttermilk biscuits for dinner
to go with Bill's turkey soup
and the chicken Tom got yesterday.
And some coleslaw he bought will be good too.

Some days I really, really like not having to 
cook a whole meal.
I really do love biscuits though.
Making biscuits counts more as fun
than cooking.
Messy though!
At least when I make biscuity there is lots of flour everywhere.
Sigh... must go clean up the flour snow now...


lisa said...

I get to where I hate to think of things to cook. The cooking isn't too bad as long as I can think of different things to cook once in while. Biscuits are one of my favorite also. Your deck looks pretty good.

LindaG said...

Aw. *hugs*
Enjoy your rain. :)