Friday, January 15, 2016

It's In The Wall!

There's a squirrel in the wall!
Somehow the critter got in the wall and can't get out!
So we opened the wall.

Wall open
Way out
This has happened before with mice.

They never made it out.

We found their remains in the wall 
when putting light fixtures
in the closet.
So we had the escape hatch made.

But we didn't know there was insulation in the wall.
I'm sure that doesn't help the squirrel any.

I put a pan of water and a little canned dog food by the opening.
I am in hopes the squirrel will see the light,
and smell the water and food?
And head for the opening.

The roofers closed up a leak on the roof.
I think we need to have them come back and find
the spot where the critters get in.

Hope the squirrel gets out.
And that the loft doesn't fill up with bats
while we leave the slider open.



Knatolee said...

Happy new Year! :) We have had squirrels in our walls... not fun! Hope yours gets out!!

Tanya said...

Such a soft heart you have! Food and water for your wall invader. I would probably do the same... Glad the squirrel was caught and set free!