Tuesday, January 05, 2016


After I took Morgan out this morning in the rain
(yay! rain!)
I played around taking photos with the iPad
and using the focus feature.

I usually don't bother with it.
But it is pretty neat.

Forest or fire?
That wood stove has been getting a lot of work.
All the ash is testament to that!

Today has been very quiet.
Feeling rather blah.
I didn't even eat today
except some oatmeal and raisins.

Knitting and listening to audiobooks
seems to have taken over my day.

Must go pick around in the fridge for dinner.

I think I am still recovering from the migraine 
I had the other day.
Had another one today.
Think I will give up tea for a week or two?

Any way. this is hot chocolate weather!
So that will work!


diane b said...

The fire looks cosy. Migraines are nasty.

Tanya said...

Sorry you've been having migraines. Your wood stove looks so nice!