Wednesday, December 09, 2015

What? No Water?

Got a phone call this morning
informing us that the water would be turned off
due to a repair
that needed to be done.

Since they didn't know
 how long the water would be turned off 
I filled up everything I could find
with water.

Even the bathtub 
so the water could be used
to flush the toilet.

Turns out that we were the only house
with water
while the rest of the houses
near us were without water all day.

When we lived in the Santa Cruz Mountains
having to deal with no water
was faily common.

Either drought or damage
to the well tank
would mean no water
sometimes for days...weeks.

I think I over reacted to the 
"no water" scare.

Oh well...
I had lots of water
for pasta and steaming veggies
for tonights dinner.


LindaG said...

Yet if you hadn't over reacted, you might have been the only one without water.
Hubby and I were at Beale AFB back in the 70's. I remember filling the tub with water to flush the toilet.
Better prepared than not. At least you have some very pretty water containers! :)

Tina Marie the Willow Witch said...

My reaction would have been the same. Have to flush the toilets! :) Glad to see your posts