Thursday, December 03, 2015

Hats Under Fire!

Tom and Kristine are watching NCIS.

The wood stove is going great guns!

 Morgan came over and laid down near me

 when I sat on the floor to take the photo 

of the bag of hats spilled out on the chaise longue.

 Kristine says that Gibbs is shooting the hats! 

I like word play...
hats under the wood stove...
under fire from Gibbs...
I think that counts as
hats under fire. 

Thanks to LindaG for comment caps
but so far I am doing fine reading text on the computer.

Soon I will have cataract surgery
and that should/may
have a positive affect on the glaucoma?

I can still see to knit 
but the yarn loops are not always easy to see
on needles of about the same color.
But I can still make them out.

I find myself changing needles sizes
according to color 
to contrast with the yarn
instead of sticking to 
the size of needle I should use.
Works for me.

It would be nice to have
a set of circular needles in two colors.

A white set for dark yarns
and a dark set for light yarns.
Wonder if there is such a thing.

The hats are intended for my daughter
and family in Idaho.
But if I can't stop knitting hats
I will donate them.
Or become known at that hat lady?

It's raining!!!


Tanya said...

How nice to find you around and busy making things too! And it is so nice to see Morgan too even though she has an awful lot of meds to take. She looks happy surrounded by family though and that is the best for her! Keep on blogging whenever you can! Love, Tanya

lisa said...

Hope the surgery gives you good results! Nice to see the Morgan is doing well.