Friday, April 10, 2015

Antique Treasures

Don't remember if I posted photos
of these finds.

My new treasures!

Found the jewelry box and stamp holder
in our local antique shop.

I was looking for something that I will use.

That's my rule...
I can't buy the item unless I will use it.

No, on buying stuff
that will just sit around gathering dust.

Used to do that.
But not anymore.

I always enjoy rummaging  around in antique stores.
And making up stories about the life of items.

The lady at our local antique store 
now sells the stuff I no longer want. 

And I can go visit my old stuff
while it waits around for someone to discover
their new treasure.

1 comment:

diane b said...

I think that is called recycling. Its a good idea.