Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Peek A Boo - Sick Chicken?

 This morning all the chickens were milling around in the pen
eager to grab some chopped up cabbage pieces,
but I didn't see Lonely.

I finally found her snug and warm in a nest box and happy to stay there.
I had to reach in and pick her up.
She was not getting up!

Lonely is either not feeling well
or is a
very smart chicken
and has decided to stay warm and safe from the bullies
until the other hens have all finished eating.

To play it safe I fixed up the dog crate with straw, water and feed
and put Lonely in the crate.
At least she can eat in peace. Sure hope she is not sick.

I covered the crate with the plastic drop
to make sure there are no drafts.
There are places for air to circulate.

Most of the leaves have finally hit the ground,
but it was a bit too cold today for me to start raking.
The thermometer read 38 ∘this morning.
I'll wait for the leaves to dry out a bit and for the temp to get warmer.

There are still patches of snow
in very shady spots. 

My paths are all covered with leaves.
What paths?

Peek at the Past
(January 4, 2010)
Oh, dear, seems we were sick last year too.
Kristine is going to the doctor tomorrow.

Tom had to go to the store to buy a working thermometer.
We have two, but one doesn't work
and the other is celsius.
Kristine may have got it when she was in Australia?
We don't do celsius in the states.
Well, at least I don't. 

[0 eggs today]
Tom bought another dozen eggs.


(๐„ ๐„)
' \'


Flat Creek Farm said...

Oh my... Poor Lonely! I've had a slightly under the weather Della hen lately. A few weeks ago, it was Chica and she is A-OK now. I have no description except they seem lethargic whenever they have 'it'.. whatever 'it' is. I bring them in briefly, treat them with extra oats, cornmeal, yogurt, and some spaghetti (small amounts each of course). Oh, and also I syringed a little water with electrolytes and vitamins.. just in case they were dehydrated. Good luck with Lonely... please keep us posted! -Tammy

Foothills Poultry said...

Are you sure Lonely has not gone broody? Even with the cold weather, my Daisy(buff Orpington) went broody yesterday. She is the first this year.


DevonMaid said...

I was about to buy eggs, but the girls started laying again ... including one of the now 40+ week old Welsummers ... I assume the other two will join in eventually?!


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I'm starting to feel sorry for Lonely...But at least she has you!!!

Hope Kristine starts to feel better!

Feral Female said...

Hmmm, maybe Lonely has decided she wants to set? Sounds like she could be broody. Is she any worse today?

Kelly said...

I hope Lonely is feeling better soon. I love my hens. I think they have aged and may be stopping laying. Everyone tells me to butcher them. I just can't. I'm just too attached. I will just buy more chicks in the spring. The temp in our chicken house is 27degrees during the day. We do put heat lamps on at night with temps below 0. Maine chicks have to be hardy. LOL.

LindaG said...

I think Lonely misses her friend (one hen passed away, right? My memory is getting Horrible!).
Or as Matt said, maybe she is getting broody.
I've read of a few people with broody hens.
I hope Lonely will be okay.

And I hope you and Kristine are getting your energy back. I think staying in as much as you can is good!

Becky's Barnyard said...

I hope Lonely isn't sick. Maybe she will feel better tomorrow. Hope Kristine feels better soon.