Thursday, January 06, 2011

On The Tree Tops Not A Leaf Is Stirring

Well, there are a few leaves hanging on for dear life, but almost all of them have finally hit the forest floor.

The chickens and Morgan were out most of the day. The chickens had a good time turning over the leaf litter. Morgan is all tired out... she is asleep at my feet as I type this post. She had a good time too running around checking out all the smells and looking for squirrels.

See the white dot in the photo below.

That's Morgan.

I can't get all of the tall trees in one photo.

So, I took the bottom photo first and then walked down to where Morgan was waiting for me by the tall oaks.

Then I pointed the camera straight up to get a shot of the tree tops and the little bit of open sky.

We get a lot more sunlight now that the leaves are off the oak trees.  I'm so much happier on sunny days.

There is still lots of green with all the pine trees around the place. I had a good time too: I cleaned the chicken pen, raked leaves off the porch and even started raking and clearing the first path this year.

I've got a lot of work to do trimming trees and picking up downed tree limbs. Good thing we are supposed to have a week of sunny days.

Bill is sending delicious chicken soup home with Tom that Kristine can eat... along with unsalted crackers, jello, water, apple juice and real juice popsicles. When she was little and sick I used to give her the BRAT diet... bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. She has a tender tummy when ill. I'm such a failure... my chicken soup just doesn't measure up to Bill's.

Thank you, Bill!


(January 6, 2009)
I still haven't made this quilt for Kristine.
My excuse...
The sewing machine is on the floor.
I need a sewing table
and I'm afraid of cutting up the beautiful fabric.
Not much of an excuse.

[0 eggs today]
But Lonely and the hens
all went out and had fun in the sun.
And Lonely ate all her scratch.


(𝄐 𝄐)
' \/  '

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Hopeful said...

it's great you can all be outside! very pretty. hope the weekend is the same for you. good luck with the chores - i bet you'll enjoy them!