Friday, January 07, 2011

Christmas In January, February, March... ?

The christmas tree and decorations are still up and will stay up until Kathleen and the children can come for their second christmas.

I enjoy seeing the decorations and the lighted tree every day. First thing in the morning I let Morgan out, turn on the tree and then get the wood stove filled and burning.

Every year I say that I'd like to keep the tree up all year, but end up taking it down when the days warm up and there are lots of sunny days.

The bright christmas tree helps keep my spirits up against the dark, gloomy, cold wet depressing weather. I like cold weather, but I don't do well at all without a lot of sunlight.

I took this photo yesterday trying to get a good picture of the myrtle that is growing very nicely through snow, ice and lots of rain.

I sure wish the myrtle would take over the forest floor and cover up all the leaves. Love how the myrtle grows through the leaves and hides them.

Chicken coop webs. Love the webs!

I took these cobweb pics yesterday after I cleaned the chicken pen. Cobwebs are beautiful, but these poor webs are rather a mess. I should save these pics to post on Halloween.

I leave the webs up in hopes of them catching flys, mosquitos, etc., but in the winter the only thing I see crawling around are spiders.

Put more wood ash in the chicken coop for the hens to walk through when they go in and out of the coop. I like to think the wood ash helps keep the hens feet dry and healthy.

Morgan is happy. I washed her bedding. The wet weather makes for muddy paws and the bedding doesn't take long to get smelly. Morgan is getting older and appreciates a clean, warm bed. Me too!


(January 6, 2009)
Holly and Danny
Wedding Photos
Hope to see them this year!
Loved the wedding!

[0 eggs today]
Lonely and the rest of the chickens
were out today
they got cabbage treats on the porch.


(𝄐 𝄐)
' \/  '


Knatolee said...

I need to dust off the top of our nestboxes! It's getting a little thick.

And where did you get that AWESOME, hilarious chicken sign!?!

Hope you get as much sunlight as possible this winter!

LindaG said...

I wanted to leave the tree up this year, too. I like the night lights. And it took me so long to get it up that I didn't want to take it down.

Hubby was not amused (not angry, just not amused) when I said that, so I took it down a couple days ago and replaced all the burnt out bulbs (there were more than I realized) before I put the lights aways.

We have lots of webbing like that in the outer buildings at the farmhouse. I am such a wimp. I really despise bugs. Don't know what I'm thinking, moving to a farm...

Enjoy your weekend!

debbie said...

I love your tree and my Christmas decorations are still up at my house too! You are so right about the sparkling lights making the house feel more cheerful when the weather outside is gray and gloomy, and it gets dark at 5:00!

Wonky Girl said...

Truly I would love to keep our tree up longer. So what is wrong with that? My neighbors may think I'm crazy? All their lights are down the day after Christmas. I think next year I'll decorate the chicken coop and leave lights up for weeks after.

Amy said...

I love your "death from the ankles down" sign! That is adorable.

Feral Female said...

Ah those coop webs! Always so darn clingy and dusty!

dirtyduck said...

"The christmas tree and decorations are still up and will stay up until.."

lol i love this line, and its staying up!

my duck doesnt like cabbage! do you cut yours up very fine?

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hi Callie! I hope you and Kristine are feeling better!! I love the lights of Christmas trees too, and when driving home at night I can still see that there are some homes that still have their trees up.