Monday, October 18, 2010

Planter Bed Cover Beginning

No work in the chicken pen today. Instead I decided to start back to work taking it a bit easy. I repotted some plants into larger containers and then I went around looking for stuff I could use to make a cover for the planter bed. I found some things that might work and gathered them together in the garden.

I need to see if I can find some 1 by 1's or some kind of small lumber laying around. I do have 2 by 4's I could use. I'll see what I can build after I find stuff to work with.

I have seen some great looking plastic cloche type covers I would love to make, but the squirrels around here would just rip the plastic to pieces. They even took one of my wooden bird feeders apart. The only one they haven't opened is the metal feeder. I saw a wire planter box cover online for 300 dollars. I'll make something. It won't be beautiful, but it should work.

My back is still ok so I will start cleaning the coop tomorrow too. It sure feels good to get outside again especially after the little rain we had. I love the smell of the forest after it rains.

Kristine drove by two coyote/wolf looking dog like critters last week. One of the dogs? is over a hundred and fifty pounds and she was thinking that these may be the coyotes? that the neighbor saw in her yard after her chickens (the big one went after her dog.) We don't know if these are dogs or what, but I sure hope they stay away what ever they are.

Bags of Halloween candy showed up tonight and I enjoyed the first tiny candy bar I've had this year.

I was looking around on YouTube for some info about chickens in the 1940's and ran across this video of two women recording some family history. I think it is a wonderful idea to get family history recorded on paper, but on video is even better. Anyway, I decided to listen and see what the story was about... the beginning is a little hard to understand, but it gets better. I was surprised to find a chicken turn out to have a staring role in the story. I have tried to get Tom's family to make some video, but no one is interested. Too bad. I think this is a neat story.

Peek at the Past
I need to dig the ditch again this year.
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Feral Female said...

Nothing wrong with taking it easy!

lisa said...

My mother in law is really into looking into the history and now keeps track. I think it is a good idea and I think some of us are just plain lazy to do it, sad but true! I should of repotted my plants when I brought them in but I think I will wait until next year. I have lots and it will probably take me a full day to do them all!

Anonymous said...

So glad you are still doing okay with the back! Sounds like that is a big bad dog! I hope they do stay away.


Becky's Barnyard said...

Your taking it easy doesn't sound too laid back. I'm glad to hear you have no problem with the coyotes. I still walk through the woods about every other day to scare off the coyotes around here. so far, so good.

Lynda said...

I just finished reading The Worst Hard Time by Timothy's a story of those that stayed and survived the Great American Dust Bowl and I am now reading Farming the Dust Bowl by Lawrence Svobida...a first hand account of farming in Kansas during the Dust Bowl. I have read and enjoyed many books about the Depression and the Dust Bowl and I think they all have something to teach each and everyone of us.

Millie said...

My human and I would like to present you with an award. Please stop by to accept this. Hope your back is still getting stronger.