Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hungry Molting Chickens

Everyone left early and I was home alone. I finally made it out to the chicken coop and let the hens out thanks to my trusty walking stick.

I hung on to it and managed to get the feed pan filled and put down for them to eat. There is scratch in the pan and dry organic crumble. The feed store didn't have any pellets.

Bad chickens. They knocked a bunch of scratch and crumble out on the cement and didn't eat it up. But Morgan came by and I caught her licking up feed off the cement. She got a big no for that.

I didn't try to mix up mash for them. Too much mixing and bending involved. But the wet feed sure does cut down on waste. I'll go back to making a mash as soon as I'm able.

My lower back is getting a little better. I guess I messed up some muscles or something.

There were coyotes this time last year too.
I guess this is coyote season around here.
(October 12, 2009)

[2 eggs today]
Not many eggs from the molting hens.
They are using their protein to make feathers
not eggs.



Liesl said...

Morgan was just making sure he wasn't missing out on any food...Hope your back is better soon!

Anonymous said...

Be sure to rest that back! Although I'm sure the chickens appreciate eating too. We'll all send you healing thoughts from here.


DevonMaid said...

Praying that you back heals quickly

lisa said...

Morgan was just cleaning up any messes;) I sure hope your back gets to feeling better! I sure know how you feel. I have a back that gives me problems a lot too! I have to be careful sometimes.

Kateri said...

I've got some moltin hens here, too. Only two eggs for us yesterday as well. Hope your back heals quickly!

LindaG said...

Dogs do love to help clean up spills. :)

Hope you feel better soon. *hugs* ♥

Wonky Girl said...

Well, I tried mixing the chicken pellets with scratch once. They raked out the feed to pick out what they wanted and pellets were wasted. I don't mix any food anymore. I'll have to try wetting pellets like you do, it should be less waste.
I hear you about the back owie, been there myself. Hope it goes away quick.
No need to reply to my comment, I know life is busy.

Jody Blue said...

I suffer from neck and back issue's due to a work injury. This fall I started doing lite yoga and I am impressed that it does help. You might want to give it a try. Thank you for the nice comments. I really hope your back is on the mend.

Becky's Barnyard said...

My dogs like the pellets too. I hope your back gets well soon.

Gail said...

Our chickens eat dog and cat food and dogs and cats eat chicken feed. I have been afraid the chickens would start chasing cars!

Heal soon.

Toni aka irishlas said...

My hens are starting their first molt and I've noticed egg production is down. Wonder how long it will last? I guess I'll find out!

I found Gail's comment hilarious! Chasing cars.....

Take care of yourself and mind that back of yours!

DevonMaid said...

Sorry you've not been blogging for a day or two ... back must still be bad?

Knatolee said...

Hope your back feels better soon!

RH (aka Lucy) said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. Nothing hurts the whole body more than a back on the rampage. Looks like you're having cool autumn-y weather there. Certainly wish we were.

Jabacue said...

Take it easy Callie....don't push it.