Tuesday, August 02, 2016

What's Happening Today...

Tom said the bread board was covered with ants this morning.
Ants like bread?
Our plug in ant repeller thingy is missing!
Not me... I didn't do anything with it.
I think it got taken up stairs to work on repelling
the visiting squirrel.

I forgot to mention the olive oil, olive oil lotion
and balsamic vinegar we got at the farmer's market Saturday.
I was going to get some honey but we still had some.

While I was in Idaho I bought a hat.
It's too big.
Fits down over my ears
Keeps the sun off though!
So that's good.

And I bought some Idaho weights.
I have plans to get a treadmill before Winter.
I need to stay somewhat in shape.

And I bought a new mouse.
It scrolls!
My old mouse was in bad shape.

And finally a photo of the front deck.
Without leaves!
Yep, I swept off the deck around the house today.
My big accomplishment!
I could sweep while taking careful steps.

One foot/toes are still a bit messed up
from a tumble I took.
But getting better.

Morgan went to the vets today
and along with blood work, etc., she got her nails trimmed.
No more clicking!
Now she needs an appointment with the groomer.
She is a dirty dog.
We put up with that because she is old and hates
to go to the groomers.
But enough is enough.



LindaG said...

Hope your foot heals quickly! We have that problem with those little ants every so often. Sweet ants, I think?
I have tried everything to get rid of them. They often disappear as quick as they appeared. I think cinnamon or peppermint got rid of them before, but I can't remember for sure.
Stay cool! God bless.

Tanya said...

Pretty hat! Big is better than too little!