Thursday, August 04, 2016

Tortillas Or English Muffins?

The English Muffins Won!

Yes, I did take photos...
Next time I make these
I will use a lower temperature
and be sure to use corn meal to keep
the muffins from sticking
while rising.
They were hard to pick up
even though I floured the bottom and top.

The yeast I had was a little old
so I added a bit more.
And it proofed.

Rolling out the dough balls
was a lot of fun!

Corn meal on the top and bottom of the muffins
would have kept them from sticking.

I used the soup skimmer sieve to skim
off the milk solids.
The clarified butter worked great.

The muffins are very good!
Next time I will double the recipe.



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LindaG said...

They look really good!
Hope you all have a blessed weekend!