Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Whoops! photo

There should be a photo here of the 
flatbread I made today.
Even some photos of the flour mess I made
mixing and rolling them out
would have been good.

Perhaps I was too hungry?
I didn't think about taking pictures.
As soon as the flat bread was ready I ate it!
So, no photos...
But next time I make them I'll take photos.

To make up for the lack of pictures
here is the video I"m going to use next time.

And here is the video I used this morning.

I learned not to let excess flour get in the skillet.
Burned flour...not so good.
But I ate the flat bread anyway.
It wasn't burnt.
Food Wishes has several videos
on making flat bread, pita bread, etc.

I really like these two cooks!
And use a lot of their recipes.

And these cake pops look good too.

I was going to load the videos.
But ended up loading the links instead.
Click on the links.

Have fun!
Be happy!


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