Friday, March 21, 2014

Wow! Today Was Almost A Summer Day!

But not quite
because it is cold in the morning, afternoon and night.

There really is snow back there, honest.

Today I tried again to get a photo of the snowy mountain tops but
clouds had showed up by the time I arrived.
I'll try to get a photo tomorrow in the morning hopefully
before the clouds show up?

Click on the photo to see an enlarged view.
Lately I've been posting photos from my iPad and not thumbprints from my
old but loved camera.

I checked in at the antique shop today and the lady said
that she was going to be getting
access to around 400 tea cups, amazing!
Hope the lady who collected all the tea cups and saucers
also had some teapots in the collection.

I really, really want a tea set.
You know... cups, suger/creamer, teapot, tray, all the stuff
you need to serve a proper tea.

Wonder what she will find?


1 comment:

DevonMaid said...

Oh I hope you get a tea set you like! I have a few bits and pieces, but no complete set. I can't resist Poole Pottery ... do you know Poole?