Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Light! And A Fan!

Comments Lost!
I apologize for lost comments.
Both my computer and the iPad went wonky.
They froze and after I unplugged one and it booted
back up only one comment was published.
The iMac came back online but the others are
still questionable as to whether they will work.
I'll tackle the other computer tomorrow.
Maybe the comments will be there?
Internet connection problem?

This new fan will be much appreciated this summer 
and for now the light 
is wonderful when sewing. 

Lovely bright light!
Next on my list of things to do is to get curtains. 
Curtains for the window and the closet/bed alcove. 
That is a closet there where I put a twin bed. 
Photos will follow after I put up the curtains. 

It's raining!
Rain! So welcome. 
In fact there is supposed to be rain off and on for five day or so. 
Well, there would be snow if we lived a bit higher up 
but who knows what may happen. 
I would love to post a photo tomorrow of snowy trees. 


1 comment:

Tanya said...

I see a nice quilt there up on the wall by the ceiling lamp!