Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Happy First Day Of Spring

The sun has been out and it has been cool but sunny and that has made all the difference to my energy level. Since there has been sunshine I have been outside working in the forest thinning brush and small trees, raking leaves and piling up branches and debris that had fallen during the winter. This winter I have been a hermit. No sun means not much activity on my part.

Raking leaves is one of my favorite Springtime duties. Not really something I have to do but something I enjoy. I love being outside working amongst the trees. Better than exercise in a gym. I'll post some photos tomorrow of some of the piles of brush I have stacked up.

Last week during my regular Friday stop at the local antique shop I found this little Hen On Nest. Now she is filled with coarse kosher salt. I like being able to add a pinch of salt as I'm cooking. I think I use less salt since I can actually see how much I'm adding instead of just shaking salt over everything.

Filling the Hen On Nest with candy would also make me happy but wouldn't do anything good for my quest for a slimmer waist. Maybe I could put jelly beans in the chicken at holidays?
I just like looking at the Hen On Nest. She makes me smile.



Kristine said...

YAY!!!! A post! I love the glass chicken. :)

Carol said...

Hello and Happy Ostara/Spring to you Callie.

Love that little dish; she makes me smile, too!