Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Morgan Has Pancreatitis

Morgan has been very sick and spent 3 days at the veterinary clinic. She has pancreatitis and must be on a strict bland diet. She is starting to feel better and seems to be getting some energy back, but she lost weight
and a lot of sleep... me too.

Morgan has to wear a muzzle when I take her outside for walks so she doesn't eat anything that will set off her pancreas and that means she is an inside dog from now on... poor Morgan. No more running around after squirrels and watching the chickens.

She is such a sweet little dog. I'm glad she likes her new food.

I haven't been taking photos lately, but I thought I would post some of the Christmas photos that were in my camera. I wasn't going to post until next week, but I found these photos and thought why not just go with these.

Here is a photo of me wearing my Christmas Ugg boots. The bed is piled up with quilts because it got very cold. Morgans big soft bed is at my feet.

Snowy even.

But mostly it was just cold and icy.

I had to make sure to break the ice on the chickens water and bring them warm water to drink when it was that cold.

The chickens have their nice new feathers and they don't seem to mind the cold at all.

Here is a photo of the first snow falling on the new deck.
Pretty, but cold. I did have to be very careful walking on the icy deck and almost took a spill or two but managed to stay upright. Tricky. The deck doesn't look slippery when it is icy. I have learned to walk very close to the house where the ice has melted and watch my step on the way to the gate.

Thought I would add a December photo of the warm weather before Christmas taken from the car as we took a trip down to visit family in the low lands.

We were able to visit with family over the holiday and also were fortunate to have my sister and niece stay with us for a short time.

Hope they can come again soon and stay longer!

I have been getting a few things done around here. Not much.

All the Christmas stuff is packed away for another year.

About a third of the paths are raked clear. But I still also have the driveway areas and the garage roof to rake.

I tell myself that I'm waiting until it stops raining/snowing and until the weather warms up a bit.

I also do a lot of telling myself to get busy with my sewing and get to work on doing some quilting. But...

Until then I'm enjoying playing computer games. I do need to get back to reading blogs, taking photos and posting on this blog. 


There weren't many smiles when Morgan was sick.


Kristine said...

Soooo, no title on this one, eh?

Rachy said...

Get well soon Morgan!!! x

LindaG said...

I hope Morgan will be okay. ♥
Be careful if you try clearing your roof!

Anna W said...

Ohh... poor Morgan! I do hope and pray that she gets to feeling much better soon and you both get some much needed rest.

I really enjoyed all the pictures!

(Thanks for removing the word verification. I so don't like that thing! I really struggle to read them.)