Thursday, January 31, 2013

I Love Pomegranates!

Pomegranates are in season and while they are available
I'll eat one every day.
They are even more fun to eat than slices of watermelon.

This is how a I eat them:
I slice the pomegranate in quarters and pull it apart.
Put the quarters on a paper towel in a large bowl and then
tease and nibble the juicy seeds out of their sections.
The bowl works to catch the seeds I drop.
Don't want to waste any!
So good!

The chickens are enjoying warming themselves in the sunshine.
I put back up the Autumn flag.
I really need to get a winter flag that isn't Christmas themed.

Morgan is holding her own and getting along with her new diet.
She isn't any peppier yet but she is ok.


1 comment:

LindaG said...

Glad to hear Morgan is holding steady.
I don't know anything about pomegranates.

Have a great weekend!