Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Oops! Paper Towel Snack!

Last night I found this paper towel on the floor. Someone (not me) left it on the coffee table. Morgan luckily only ate the middle portion. The vet said that the paper towel shouldn't cause a problem. Sure hope Morgan is not going to get sick again. The vet said I could add kibble to her canned food tonight. 

I couldn't find any muzzles except plastic ones that had openings that Morgan could manage to stuff tasty bits through and eat and then get sick. So, I sewed a piece of pink cloth over the end of the black cloth soft muzzle I had that had an open end. The cloth covering the opening is working out very well. The cloth is very thin material that lets Morgan breathe easily. I would love to find a mesh muzzle with a solid piece over the nose area.

Morgan still tires after her walks and goes back to bed when we return to the house. I'm hoping that adding the kibble to her meals will give her a bit more energy. If all goes well, I'll add up to a cup of kibble, some non fat chicken broth and a half a can of her special dog food to make up her meals.

Morgan used to hurry along the paths stopping here and there to sniff out stuff under the leaves along the way. Now she walks slower and she seems happy to get back in the house.

Here is a path I raked before the rain and snow slowed me down. I like walking on the path when it is covered with leaves, but the leaves hide branches, pine cones, rocks, etc., that I can trip on, so I opt for raked paths. I like the exercise I get raking all those leaves; and I think the raked paths look pretty.

Tom left yesterday and today attended a funeral. I was holding the fort here to take care of Morgan and also I needed to feed and walk Tom's husky. I don't usually ever walk Lucky because is powerful and can run away with me or jerk me off my feet. Lucky is just a big happy goofy fellow that doesn't mean any harm, but I have to be careful  when I walk him. I managed to stay upright this time.

Hope Morgan is going to be able to digest the kibble alright and won't be sick again. Tricky business trying to feed her. 



LindaG said...

I hope Morgan will continue to gain strength.
*hugs* God Bless. ♥

Barbee' said...

Your paths do look nice and pretty place to walk. Poor little Morgan, and poor little worried Morgan's mom.