Thursday, May 31, 2012

From Dinosaurs To Birds

New study suggests that 
birds evolved from dinosaurs by reaching sexual maturity 
earlier and remaining juveniles which allowed 
them to retain juvenile characteristics. 

National Park Service
If your are interested 
to go to an article about the Harvard University study. 

I believe it! 

My very own idea about the whole thing 
is that some little dinosaur found a really good food source 
that allowed them to grow very quickly/reach sexual maturity 
and the food source even enabled them to survive when the dinosaurs didn't.

I'm just glad our little chicken/dinosaurs 
aren't any bigger.


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Jeri Landers said...

Callie, I agree with you that the Little DINO found a REALLY good food source. I am pretty sure we have a fox around here that must be nearly as large as a dinosaur after dining with regularity on my ducks and chickens! So much for my so-called guard dog. I really am frustrated with that mini dino!