Saturday, May 19, 2012

Chickens Under Glass, Solar Eclipse Video, And Lots Of Other Stuff

Do you think she will give us any cabbage? 
Could be... let's stare at her... 
Well, the hens are behind glass if not exactly under it... 
I gave them cabbage and some kale. 

That Wyandotte was sleeping against the glass next to Morgan. 
She jumped up when I got close with the camera. 
These chickens are hard to sneak up on! 

This is an auspicious occasion! 
Morgan's first time getting vacuumed! 
I thought I was going to have to spend a lot of time acclimating her 
to the noise and feel of the suction 
but she enjoyed the experience and on her own turned from side to side 
to make sure I did a good job. 

I had the vacuum turned down to the lowest setting 
and plan to gradually turn it up a notch every few days or so. 

Kristine took this photo. 
I didn't want to document my error... 
I forgot to replace the vacuum bag... sigh... 
See the white rectangle filter under the little plastic circles? 
Works great! 
It trapped all the dust and dog hair inside the vacuum 
instead of blowing it all over the house. 

Night time... 
This little bird (Junco) kept flying into the window. 
Kristine and Tom thought it was a huge moth and went outside 
only to find out it was a very confused bird. 
Something chasing it? 

 A one day collection of oak tree pollen... 
All this pollen is responsible for Kristine's allergies, sore throat... 
Rain? Rain would be good. 

The new private resupply shuttle 
that was suppose to take off for the international space station 
was cancelled at the last moment," 
I called as I walked down the hall... 

Listen to me... I grew up in the 1940's reading 
about Dick Tracy and his TV wristwatch 
and watching Flash Gordon shorts at the movies. 

And here I am talking nonchalantly about 
space shuttles and stations. 

Next... soon... ? 
makes you think...

This is a great video from NASA!

Holly sent me info about the solar eclipse tomorrow. 
We are supposed to be able to see a partial eclipse in our location 
and should see the sun dwindling to a crescent. 
But I must admit I won't be out looking at the sun or lack of.

But I will try out looking at the shadows of trees and my crossed fingers.
I remember making a pinhole viewer in the 1940's.
I'll try to take a photo without looking through the viewer.
That should be interesting.

Hope you enjoy the eclipse!



LindaG said...

We have rain predicted for the next week. Not sure I'll see any eclipse.
Maybe It'll be a little darker, haha.

I love that your chicken fell asleep waiting for treats. :o)

What vacuum do you have that works so well on Morgan?

Our pine trees do the pollen thing here. I didn't know oak trees did that, too. :o|

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

lisa said...

Looks like Morgan was a trooper. What kind of vaccume.

callie brady said...

LindaG and Lisa:
The vacuum is a Miele canister vac, but I think any type of vacuum would work if the dog is introduced to the vacuum carefully. Search on YouTube for vacuum dogs... lots of videos...or do a Google search on eHow to vacuum a dog. Have fun!

Denise said...

Great pictures Callie and a fun post to read. I also wanted to pop by and thank you for the good info on how to resize videos to fit my posts. It worked beautifully and though I can't get it down to look exactly like yours, at least most of it is viewable. I will keep experimenting. Thanks again and have a great summer also.

Denise said...

p.s. almost forgot to say how I also enjoyed the eclipse video. Found it very interesting.

Cat said...

I have found my chickens tend to be highly aware when there is food around. They really don't care otherwise... I can practically step on them. This is not a good thing when you are a klutz. I know about the pollen. Husband and I have been battling that for a couple three weeks now. And yes, some rain would indeed help. We are getting clouds, and spritzs, but no real rain. Just enough to cover up the eclipse, so we sort of got a blurry darkening, with the sun as more of a suggestion, rather than an actual view...


Terry and Linda said...

I tried really hard to get a photo of the Fire of Ring but I couldn't get it. It was cool!